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Klimatpolitiska Rådet uses Datastory’s animated charts to explain climate change

Datastory's animated videos on social media enhance climate awareness in Sweden, making complex climate data accessible and engaging for a broader audience.

Public sector


Despite a widespread recognition of the need to mitigate climate change among Swedes, there's a gap in understanding the tangible progress made, particularly in various sectors' efforts to reduce their climate impact. Questions linger about Sweden's adherence to the Paris Agreement goals and the effectiveness of strategies in moving towards zero net emissions. The Swedish Climate Policy Council sought to bridge this knowledge gap, facilitating better-informed climate action decisions.


To tackle this challenge, Datastory employed its expertise in data visualization and storytelling to create captivating animated videos for social media platforms, including LinkedIn. These videos were carefully designed to illustrate the trends in different sectors contributing to Sweden's climate goals. Each video followed a coherent structure: posing a critical question, unfolding data-driven visual narratives, and then providing a clear, insightful answer. This approach made complex climate data accessible and engaging for a broader audience.


The initiative was a success on social media. Datastory's animated videos reached a big audience, enhancing public understanding of the country's climate efforts. The clarity and appeal of the visualizations spurred widespread discussions, fostering a data-informed perspective on Sweden's journey towards its climate objectives. These discussions not only raised awareness but also encouraged community engagement in climate-related initiatives.

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