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Build complete, cutting-edge websites with data visualization. Combine our latest features with your data.

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Everything you need to create data-driven applications.

Datastory helps ambitious organizations build the data and visualization solutions of tomorrow.

With 20+ years experience of open data and visualization, we provide the most user-friendly, impactful and long-lasting solutions in the field.

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Connect, visualize, illuminate!

Bespoke websites and web applications. Powered by science.

Build complete, cutting-edge websites with data visualization. Combine our latest features with your data.

Data standards
Cutting-edge technology

Used by innovative organizations around the world

"Datastory helped us conceive new and bold user-centric approaches to the presentation of Swedish health care data. The task has been carried out with careful consideration of the sensitivity of the information, and reflects in-depth knowledge of the latest data visualization and front-end development technologies."
"Took us from a vague concept to a beautifully constructed web-site with a range of interactive features that have generated reactions like 'WOW' from first-time visitors."
"We think Datastory's work is truly original and look forward to a long partnership with Datastory Tech."
"Datastory worked with IFRC on a number of projects, and always with an exceptional level of professionalism. They helped us visualize data from our Red Cross and Red Crescent network in a creative way, and provided our members with a seamless user experience."

The story of Datastory

At Datastory, we’re on a mission to visualize the world’s most important data using powerful technology. We team up with researchers and organizations to build applications that educate and inform.

"Daniel Lapidus (founder of Datastory) has been one of my closest partners on a daily basis, and as such proven to be one of the most effective, hard working, and loyal persons I ever worked with.

Hans Rosling
Hans Rosling

Professor of International Health

Create exceptional user experiences


Communicate research interactively.


Visualize and explain the past, present and future.


Educational experiences, games and quizzes.

Global Development

Global development and Agenda 2030 visualized.


User-friendly, open data applications.


Understand results, improve outcomes.


Access insights faster.


Enrich your experiences with humane data stories.


Cost-effective, impactful communication.

Statistical Agencies

Public service for the 21st century.

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