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With the long view in mind, we combine data science, design and visualization to create intuitive tools and platforms.

Center for Global Development

Millions Saved –  success stories in global health


Multilingual data platform for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


Introducing new methods in public service data journalism

Vinya Technologies

Reinventing aging care with user-friendly mobile applications


Making government registers more transparent – a Swedish civic tech project


Modern political history: Tracking democratic transitions across Africa

Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry

Building a user-friendly data platform for improving obesity care


Ending Rural Hunger – a toolkit to follow-up on Sustainable Development Goal 2


Datastory creates the introduction video to The Internet Days Conference

Goal Tracker

Visualizing Agenda 2030 – reusable tools for country by country reporting

Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company

Nuances of democracy: Educational games to deepen understanding of democracy.

Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Insights for healthcare, a collaboration between SKR, HiQ and Datastory Tech

The Swedish National Diabetes Register

National Diabetes Register – data profiles and modern tech stack

Statistics South Africa

Visualizing the nation-wide, South African census

Flowminder Foundation

Website and visualization tools for decision-making after natural disasters

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