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How the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry used Datastory to revamp their website

Datastory transformed SOREG's extensive obesity surgery dataset into an interactive web application, engaging diverse stakeholders with dynamic visualizations and tools.

Public sector


Obesity is an escalating health concern in Sweden, and SOReg stands at the forefront of researching and developing treatment methods. Over the years, SOReg has compiled an extensive dataset from hospitals nationwide, amassing a comprehensive and detailed data repository on obesity. This dataset is crucial for advancing obesity research and informing treatment methodologies. However, the challenge lies in effectively disseminating and leveraging this complex dataset to inform and engage a diverse audience, including patients, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and other decision-makers.


Datastory helped transform SOReg's vast data into a user-friendly and interactive experience. The solution was a data-rich website tailored to communicate complex obesity research through intuitive visualizations and innovative tools. This included the integration of digital twin technology and detailed health clinic profiles. These features were designed not just for data presentation but to actively engage and educate the diverse users of the platform.


The implementation of the web application had a multifaceted impact. For healthcare professionals, it became a source of inspiration and motivation, showcasing the real-world applications and impacts of their data contributions. The website also supports doctors in conversations with patients, and giving patients and their families a reliable source of knowledge.

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