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AI Sweden visualizes the future of energy using Datastory maps

AI Sweden collaborated with Datastory to develop Behovskartan.se, a visualization tool that provides an interactive view of Sweden's energy system and helps overcome goal conflicts for efficient implementation of the country's energy strategy.



Sweden's ambitious goal to accelerate its energy transition in the face of climate change involves a substantial expansion of its energy system. This necessary growth, however, is fraught with complex goal conflicts that lack clear, objective assessment methodologies. These conflicts lead to significant delays in the system's expansion, hindering timely actions against global warming. The challenge lay in overcoming these barriers to enable a more efficient and effective implementation of Sweden's energy strategy.


In response to this challenge, Datastory provided a specialized solution for AI Sweden. This was the development of an innovative visualization tool, showcased on Behovskartan.se. This tool was meticulously designed to address AI Sweden's specific needs, offering a clear, interactive view of the current energy system and forecasting future supply-demand interactions.

The tool features an interactive map that vividly illustrates energy demand across key sectors such as households, industry, and transportation. It gathers data from various sources to create a detailed and comprehensive picture of Sweden's future energy requirements.


The launch of Behovskartan.se was met with considerable attention and was highlighted in major publications, including Dagens Industri. This recognition underlines the effectiveness and utility of Datastory's solution in aiding AI Sweden’s partners to navigate the complexities of energy transition. The project exemplifies the transformative impact of specialized data tools in driving informed decision-making and strategic planning in the realm of environmental and energy challenges.


"We were looking for a partner who could help design and build this digital tool so that many can understand and talk about the future electricity system. Datastory has extensive experience in transforming complicated data into comprehensible information through good design, so for us, it was an easy choice to start working together.”

Filip Kjellgren, AI Sweden

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