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How Tax Justice Network used Datastory to build a data-driven website

The Tax Justice Network collaborated with Datastory to create "The Policy Tracker," a data-driven website that tracks global and national tax policies, promoting transparency and advocating for tax justice.



The Tax Justice Network confronted the issue of biased tax systems favoring the wealthy, which led to increased inequality, corruption, and weakened democratic values. The main challenge was to address these injustices by making tax and financial systems more transparent and equitable


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In response, Datastory and the Tax Justice Network created "The Policy Tracker," an innovative, interactive website. This tool scrutinizes tax policies in over 200 countries, utilizing a comprehensive set of over 100 questions. Each country is evaluated and graded on their implementation of six critical tax policies. The Policy Tracker also stands out for its commitment to transparency, displaying all metadata publicly and inviting feedback from users, ensuring the data's integrity and relevance.


"The Policy Tracker" has become an indispensable tool for tax justice advocacy. Its visual, user-friendly map effectively communicates complex global tax dynamics, making it a popular resource for social media advocacy and policy influence. Notably, the tool has played a pivotal role in encouraging Caribbean nations to support a UN Tax Convention, showcasing its significant impact on shaping and transforming international tax policy.


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"The Tax Justice Network chose to work with Datastory because we knew nobody else would come close to Datastory’s ability to take complex, overwhelming data and masterfully transform it into something beautiful, simple and accessible. We’ve built data tools and websites internally in the past, but with our Policy Tracker we wanted to build something next level. We were confident that Datastory would be able to grasp what we want to achieve with our data and design next level solutions beyond what we could have imagined. Datastory has more than lived up to our expectations, and the team has been a delight to work with. We’re thrilled about the Policy Tracker they have developed for us and can’t wait to share it publicly.”

Mark Bou Mansour, Tax Justice Network Head of Communications

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