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How Swedish House of Finance communicates science using Datastory’s interactive articles

Datastory teams up with the Swedish House of Finance to transform complex financial research into engaging, interactive stories, bringing new clarity to the impact of Sweden's CO2 tax on firm emissions.



The Swedish House of Finance (SHoF) required a compelling method to communicate their intricate research findings to a wider audience. The primary obstacle was making the complex data from their study, "The Effect of Carbon Pricing on Firm Emissions: Evidence from the Swedish CO2 Tax," both accessible and engaging to non-specialists.


Datastory collaborated with SHoF to craft interactive articles, aligning with SHoF's graphical profile, to elucidate key findings from their research. By employing dynamic data visualizations and narrative techniques, Datastory effectively translated the intricate details of carbon pricing impacts into easily understandable formats. This approach allowed for an immersive exploration of how the Swedish CO2 tax influenced firm emissions.


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Datastory's innovative storytelling and visualization techniques offered SHoF a novel way to present their research, significantly enhancing its accessibility and reach. This collaboration not only raised the profile of SHoF's research but also fosters a broader public understanding of the economic and environmental implications of carbon taxation.

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