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DN.se Engages Readers with Interactive Election Narratives Powered by Datastory

Through a pioneering collaboration, DN.se and Datastory revolutionized how election data is conveyed, offering unique graphical narratives and insights into potential governing coalitions in Sweden's shifting political landscape.



DN.se sought to present the complexities of Sweden's 2022 election outcomes in a novel and insightful manner. The goal was not just to report the data but to tell new kinds of stories that would illuminate the intricacies of potential governing coalitions and the political distances between parties. Traditional data presentation methods fell short in capturing the dynamic nature of political alliances and voter preferences.


Datastory empowered DN.se with the tools to develop unique graphics, interactive visualizations, and comprehensive datasets. This collaboration enabled the creation of "Unik grafik: Hur ska Sverige regeras?", a special feature that leveraged the latest polling data to explore possible government coalitions. By utilizing Datastory's advanced data visualization capabilities, DN.se could present complex voter data and political scenarios in an engaging, interactive format that allowed users to explore different coalition possibilities and understand the political proximity between parties.


The innovative approach taken by DN.se, supported by Datastory's technology, resulted in a highly engaging and informative piece that resonated with readers. By offering interactive graphics and a deep dive into the nuances of coalition-building, DN.se provided its audience with a clearer understanding of the potential outcomes and the political landscape post-election. This not only enhanced reader engagement but also elevated the public discourse around the election, contributing to a more informed and engaged citizenry.

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