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Climate Story – a new database for climate science


May 9, 2023

Datastory is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking development project – Climate Story. This initiative is focused on strategic analysis of climate emissions, with the goal of establishing a comprehensive web-based platform that offers advanced, flexible analysis and visualization capabilities rooted in an extensive database.

Collaboration for Climate Analysis

This ambitious venture is led by a dedicated project team at the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, in partnership with us at Datastory. The project aims to create a highly accessible web tool with advanced, multifaceted analytical and visualization capabilities, powered by a comprehensive database collating data from a wide array of sources.

The Climate Story database will encompass numerous parameters, including varying climate emissions and energy values, along with socioeconomic, geographical, and demographic parameters. This tool is designed to help us understand the relationships and interplay between territorial and consumption-based climate emissions, energy usage, and influencing parameters. Importantly, it will also identify and describe relevant regulatory instruments and the political and geographical levels at which they can be implemented, with the objective of understanding the potential for action within each sector.

Comprehensive Database

We are motivated by the goal of ensuring that municipalities across Sweden, along with other political entities, researchers, and stakeholders, recognize the value of this tool and find it both intriguing and practical. We also hope for widespread use of Climate Story to various organizations, thereby enabling the valuable insights it provides to be utilized extensively and for the long term.

Datastory Cloud

The Swedish Environmental Research Institute leads the project, taking the lead of data collection, calculations, analysis, and collaboration with municipalities and other potential users. As their partner, Datastory is excited to develop the digital platform for Climate Story using the powerful Datastory Cloud platform. Datastory's project managers, designers and developers will design specific features of the website and the development of its analytical functions and visualization capabilities.

Through this collaborative project, we aim to pave the way towards a more sustainable future by enhancing our understanding of climate emissions and the influential factors surrounding them.

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Daniel Lapidus, CEO Datastory

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