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May 10, 2023

Hello! I’m Chris, Product Lead here at Datastory.

And this is my first obligatory blog post about how what we’re making is fundamentally changing / disrupting / 'turning upside and shaking until the lunch money falls out' — the way organisations work with data.

Clichés out of the way now.

We’ve been creating data visualisation applications for organizations for over a decade - with incredible customers and partners like the United Nations, Dagens Nyheter , Cancerfonden, SKR, and a many others.

While we could keep creating these sites over the traditional several-month-long consultancy project – we found a way to be more efficient. By building an intuitive, UX-focused data visualization platform, our partners can now access quality open-source data, augment their data with open-source data, and create agency-quality data visualizations and websites through a single tool.

So maybe this really does change things?!

We call that tool the Datastory platform. This platform contains three sub-products:

Datastory Studio

This is where the magic happens. Here you can create webpages with sophisticated and elegant data visualisations. Specifically we’ve built this for data journalism articles, dashboards, reports, and presentations, but the tool is powerful enough to meet all kinds of requirements. Not to mention all elements are embeddable, so if you just want to iframe a data visualisation on an existing site, you’re more than welcome to.

Data Manager

Building data-driven websites and applications starts from effective data modelling. Datastory accommodates data in all shapes and formats, enabling user-friendly workflows and innovation. Datastory Studio makes it easy to integrate your own data using semantic, linked data standards. This enables not only long-lasting interactive graphics and tools, but also prepares your organization for the data exchange pipelines of tomorrow.

Open Knowledge Graph

Our users often want to combine their data with existing open data without all the hassle of data cleaning, harmonization and transformation. We make that easy. We build on open-source technologies and standards like React, RDF, GraphQL and Python, adding critical features for performant service delivery. Through the Open Knowledge Graph, users have instant access to a rich set of well-known local, regional, and global data sources.

It’s undoubtedly an ambitious project. We’ve been hard at work tweaking and testing our MVP and are on the brink of launching our beta version to curious, like-minded people and organizations who want to do good with data.

Sign up for early access! You’ll get to help us shape Datastory into something even better than it already is, and bring the data community a step closer to data enlightenment.

Sign up for the beta now!

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