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Product Updates – The Datastory Changelog


May 26, 2023

The Datastory Changelog highlights new features and general improvements.

The updates are categorized by product such as Story Studio, Data Manager, Open Knowledge Graph. We'll also highlight key developments from our wider Datastory ecosystem.

Datastory Cloud MVP released 🚀

2023-05-24 | Datastory Cloud

Datastory Cloud is now released to select MVP users. In the MVP, users can:

  • Create various charts like line charts, race charts, and maps

  • Use data from the Open Knowledge Graph to power data visualizations

Race charts in Story Studio đź“Š

2023-05-22 | Datastory Cloud

Datastory Studio now supports race charts, allowing cloud users to animate changes over time.

Multiple new partnerships 🤝

2023-01-01 | Datastory Cloud

Going into 2023, Datastory / Datastory Cloud has multiple new partners and clients that advance data storytelling together. Dagens Nyheter, AI Sweden, Cancerfonden, UNDesa, Berättarministeriet and others.

Better support for large hypercubes 🔢

2023-03-24 | Datastory Cloud

Datastory Cloud can now ingest larger cubes faster which helps Datastory and our partners add more quality statistics to the database.

Improved GraphQL APIs ⚡

2023-02-24 | Datastory Cloud

Better GraphQL API (Datastory Cloud) Our API now features more direct access to more time series, enabling more types of visualizations.

New polls added frequently 🔢

2022-09-24 | Open Knowledge Graph

The Swedish election is around the corner. We update the Swedish Poll of Polls application several times per week.

Multiple new data sources added 🔢

2022-08-24 | Open Knowledge Graph

We just added Sipri (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) and a range of new World Bank indicators to the database.

Better Line chart and Map templates in Datastory Studio ⚡

2022-05-24 | Story Studio

We keep refining the visualization templates in Datastory Studio. The LineChart and Map components are now even more capable in terms of new display options and data supported.

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