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Emmy Bäckström

Design Lead

Branding update: Datastory & Datastory.org


May 7, 2023

As an organization matures, so does the brand

From Lapidus Interactive in 2013, to the founding of Datastory in 2017, to merging the businesses in 2021, the Datastory brand has gone through many changes over the years. Originally, Datastory simply referred to our non-profit organization centered around civic education, where we create stories and interactive tools with data. As we grew, we also discovered the value of working directly with organizations to help partners communicate their important stories through data.

As we take our next big step with the general availability of Datastory Cloud in 2023 – which will exponentially increase the number of organizations and businesses who can leverage data for good – we identified a need to further distinguish the two pillars.

Datastory: A platform to revolutionize data storytelling

Datastory is currently working to reshape the landscape of data storytelling with our Software as a Service (SaaS) product, Datastory Cloud. Emphasizing an intuitive, user-friendly interface, Datastory Cloud is making data analysis not only efficient, but accessible. Through advanced processing capabilities and a flexible, adaptable design, Datastory Cloud can cater to various business needs and provide meaningful insights from a wide range of data sources. As a brand, Datastory is committed to making data analysis a vital part of strategic decision-making, empowering businesses to leverage data for sustainable growth.

Datastory.org: Democratizing data storytelling & open data

Complementing the Datastory brand, Datastory.org is our non-profit organization with a mission to foster learning and understanding through open data and educational visualizations. This makes data not only accessible, but also comprehensible to people from all walks of life. By creating a rich, interactive online environment, Datastory.org allows users to explore and comprehend complex datasets through intuitive, pedagogical visualizations. The goal is to make data literacy a widespread skill, ensuring that people can navigate, understand, and utilize data in their personal and professional lives.

Two Brands, One Vision

While Datastory and Datastory.org operate under different models - a tech company and a non-profit organization, respectively - they share a unified vision: to demystify data and make it a more intuitive, integral part of decision-making in the modern world. Through their unique services and platforms, these two brands are on the cutting edge of data accessibility and literacy, poised to drive forward a new era of data and understanding. Join the data revolution!

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