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Datastory Cloud™

Bygg moderna digitala lösningar med den senaste tekniken för webbutveckling, visualisering och tjänstedesign.

Why Datastory Cloud

Datastory Cloud™ is the most effective way to turn all of your data into user-friendly applications and websites. It integrates everything you need – from scalable databases to professional data visualization, advanced APIs and content management – in one solution. With Datastory Cloud, you can go from idea to implementation in hours, not months.

Manage all your data and content in one place

Building data-driven websites and applications starts from effective data modelling. The Datastory Cloud™ has been engineered to accommodate data in all shapes and formats, enabling user-friendly workflows and innovation.

Our engineers, visualization experts and data architects innovate around the clock to perfect the building blocks of Datastory. Datastory builds on open source technologies and standards like React, RDF, GraphQL and Python, and adds critical features for performant service delivery.

Modernizing your tech stack

Working with Datastory's cloud technologies you get instant access to a world of knowledge and frequent updates. On a weekly basis, we integrate the latest learnings from the Data visualization, Data science, Frontend development and Open data communities. We have technology partners all over the world – from Silicon Valley to Sofia, Shanghai to Bangalore – and participate at leading conferences.

Reimagining data-driven storytelling

The Datastory Cloud™ comes with Datastory Studio™ built in. That means your organization can not only create effective websites, but also populate them with interactive, quality graphics – all within one seamless experience.

Our chart types work equally well on mobile as desktop, and in various color and style configurations.

Data at your fingertips

Our users often want to combine their data with existing open data without all the hassle of data cleaning, harmonization and transformation. We make that easy.

Using the Datastory Linked Database™ (also included in the Datastory Cloud™), users have instant access to a rich set of well-known data sources, from local to regional and global.

Configurable to your needs

The Datastory Cloud™ can be configured to your organization's needs, from 10 to 100 000s of users, from small data to big data, from a single region to global reach.

Our experts will assist you in configuring Datastory according to your requirements. We can often replace entire organizational websites and legacy code with a new platform that works out of the box.

Book an expert session

Schedule a free consultation with our digital experts to discuss your use cases and requirements.

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Alla produkter

Datastory Cloud™

Bygg moderna digitala lösningar med den senaste tekniken för webbutveckling, visualisering och tjänstedesign.

Datastory Studio™

Effektiv datavisualisering för webbplatser, sociala medier och presentationer.

Datastory Applikationer™

Från sjukvård till ekonomi och utbildning. Vi har mallar som gör att du kan uppnå resultat snabbt.

Datastory Insikter & API™

Våra supersnabba API-er hanterar terabytes av data med låg latens över hela världen.

Datastory Länkade Data™

Kombinera era data med världens mest intressanta dataset genom standarder som RDF, SDMX, SHACL och DCAT.

Datastory Öppna Data-Katalog™

Upptäck hur er organisation kan använda och bidra till Öppna data med moderna standarder.

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