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Insights for healthcare, a collaboration between SKR, HiQ and Datastory Tech

Expanding a critical infrastructure

Starting October 2019, Datastory Tech is participating in a cutting-edge effort to find meaningful insights in healthcare data.

SKL, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, has been one of the driving forces behind harmonizing indicators at the national and subnational level in Sweden.

The infrastructure is already being used to drive websites such as Vården i Siffror, which is updated with new results on a continuous basis.

With new technology and a new partnership, project leader Adam Sandebring seeks to deliver a spectrum of insights from the vast array of data.

Finding meaning in data

Based on an open-source algorithm, the new project generates structured data that the Datastory team visualizes from different perspectives.

The project is initially focused on hospital data and a limited set of indicators. When the approach and visualizations have been validated, the ambition is for the displays to be integrated into SKL websites and possibly scaled to other critical open datasets that SKL and other organizations maintain – all with the intention of helping decision-makers and clinicians understand their results without having to find the needle in the haystack.

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