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Adopting cost-effective technology and experience

National Statistics Offices (NSOs) constitute an important backbone to civil discourse and well-functioning government and markets. At their best, they provide objective information for all of society through a variety of channels and services, ranging from user-friendly APIs and visualizations to data downloads and analytical toolkits.

But staying up-to-date with technological opportunities – while continuously improving services to meet user demand – is complex and requires a 360-degree view. Unfortunately, by not employing cost-effective technology, millions of dollars are lost every year in each of these organizations and the potential impact of data in society is thereby curtailed.

That’s why we are introducing a new approach. Working with NSOs on multiple continents, our team has analyzed more than 150 statistical organization’s websites across multiple categories of digital service excellence. This has resulted in a methodology and technology that provides organization specific, data-driven recommendations for free so that NSOs can quickly raise their public service level.

So instead of each organization reinventing the wheel, decades of independent digital expertise is available to staff members through visual summaries and actionable insights. Furthermore, the technology automatically helps track improvements, incentivising and rewarding teams for enhancing the digital offering.

Contact us to learn more about how our tools enable:

  • Quality of data and ontologies
  • Quality of data visualization
Quality of APIs
  • User-friendliness and web design
  • Statistical documentation and licensing / open data

  • Agenda 2030 readiness
  • Public use of data

Statistics South Africa

Visualizing the nation-wide, South African census

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Create exceptional user experiences


Communicate research interactively.


Visualize and explain the past, present and future.


Educational experiences, games and quizzes.

Global Development

Global development and Agenda 2030 visualized.


User-friendly, open data applications.


Understand results, improve outcomes.


Access insights faster.


Enrich your experiences with humane data stories.


Cost-effective, impactful communication.

Statistical Agencies

Public service for the 21st century.

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