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Cost-effective, impactful communication.

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NGOs produce a wealth of interesting data and reports. Unfortunately, it is often too costly and complex for the individual NGO to maintain databases, data visualization tools and interactive reports. This results in short-lived projects such as "satellite websites", leading to a loss of important discoveries and organizational memory.

Datastory Tech lifts this burden from the NGO*, allowing it to focus entirely on how to get the most important messages across. With the benefits of scale related to our hosting infrastructure, technologies and methods, NGOs often achieve a 10-fold increase in output and quality versus rolling their own development and marketing work. Using our data-centric approach, redundancy is eliminated and research and content flows from databases and analysis to a multitude of communicative products.

* Datastory only offers technology and solutions to NGOs that meet our criteria regarding transparency, quality of research and political neutrality.


Multilingual data platform for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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Datastory creates the introduction video to The Internet Days Conference

Create exceptional user experiences


Communicate research interactively.


Visualize and explain the past, present and future.


Educational experiences, games and quizzes.

Global Development

Global development and Agenda 2030 visualized.


User-friendly, open data applications.


Understand results, improve outcomes.


Access insights faster.


Enrich your experiences with humane data stories.


Cost-effective, impactful communication.

Statistical Agencies

Public service for the 21st century.

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Datastory Cloud™

Build complete, cutting-edge websites with data visualization. Combine our latest features with your data.

Datastory Studio™

Create quick, user-friendly data visualization for all channels of communication.

Datastory Application Templates™

From healthcare to economy and education. Explore solutions that will change outcomes.

Datastory Insights & API™

Our high-throughput APIs offer quick access to quality data and enables new exciting applications.

Datastory Linked Database™

Make better use of your data by combining it with the world’s most interesting datasets.

Datastory Open Data Catalog™

Go beyond the basics. See how your organization can contribute to, and benefit from, the open data movement.

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