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Communicate research interactively.

A shortcut to an audience

Datastory was founded on the idea that we – scientists, journalist, designers and developers – can work together to build essential digital applications. Applications that have real, positive impact in terms of enabling informed citizenry and decision-making.

Together with leading universities, we are excited about building applications that educate, simulate and explain complex topics of importance to humanity.

But we want to go one step further. We want to offer all universities and research groups the best possible digital tools to communicate data, and we want to offer a shortcut to a global audience. By subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive updates when we have new tools and methods available to help you popularize science.

Teaming up

In our work with academia, we team up with researchers to co-create platforms and tools that are built to last. Our experience and technology helps ensure that projects are:

  • Designed with the user at the center
  • Explained and documented adequately using videos, animated presentations and version-controlled data and other information
  • Built on solid data pipelines and data standards
  • Cost-effective and available 24/7/365
  • Using modern technology and web standards

The science behind it all

Datastory is an organization full of geeks and technologist, from award-winning data journalists to double degree data scientists, artists and developers specializing in functional programming. We love to discuss – and try to get a deeper understanding of – all sorts of topics, from climate to philosophy, healthcare and inequality.

What we bring to the table is an insatiable thirst for "teaching what we learn", and using the best possible technologies to do so at scale. Often, that starts from getting to "computable data", the idea, to quote Stephen Wolfram, that "there’s a definite hierarchy of effort and payoff in getting data to be computable at different levels—starting with the data just existing in digital form, and ending with the data being cleanly computable enough that it can be fully integrated for repeated, systematic computations."

Much like we need an interdisciplinary approach to tackle the world's biggest problems, we need a multifaceted approach to build scientific, digital tools that change outcomes.

To learn more about how we work with researchers and universities, follow us in social media to find relevant webinars, resources and handbooks.

Create exceptional user experiences


Communicate research interactively.


Visualize and explain the past, present and future.


Educational experiences, games and quizzes.

Global Development

Global development and Agenda 2030 visualized.


User-friendly, open data applications.


Understand results, improve outcomes.


Access insights faster.


Enrich your experiences with humane data stories.


Cost-effective, impactful communication.

Statistical Agencies

Public service for the 21st century.

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Datastory Cloud™

Build complete, cutting-edge websites with data visualization. Combine our latest features with your data.

Datastory Studio™

Create quick, user-friendly data visualization for all channels of communication.

Datastory Application Templates™

From healthcare to economy and education. Explore solutions that will change outcomes.

Datastory Insights & API™

Our high-throughput APIs offer quick access to quality data and enables new exciting applications.

Datastory Linked Database™

Make better use of your data by combining it with the world’s most interesting datasets.

Datastory Open Data Catalog™

Go beyond the basics. See how your organization can contribute to, and benefit from, the open data movement.

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