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Building a user-friendly data platform for improving obesity care

Datastory Tech develops new solutions for the Swedish Obesity Surgery Registry and other quality healthcare registries.

Today, there are more than 100 health quality registries in Sweden that contribute to research and development in several areas, from diabetes to brain tumours to pain rehabilitation.

For registries to achieve the highest possible certification level in Sweden, several criteria have to be fulfilled including, but not limited to:

  • The coverage ratio should exceed 85% of relevant patients
  • The registry should provide open data to national platforms for monitoring and evaluation
  • The registry has an up-to-date website that cater to patients and other stakeholders
  • The registry is making use of established national taxonomies

A cross-functional team

To meet the needs of registries and other actors in healthcare, Datastory Tech has established a cross-functional team with user experience experts, open data experts, data scientists, developers and project leaders.

One of our key commitments in 2020 revolves around improving SOReg's, the Swedish Obesity Surgery Registry, ability to visualize and communicate data to clinics, patients and researchers. In short, SOReg seeks to increase knowledge about obesity in the community, as well as increasing the coverage ratio of the patients that participate in the register and thereby contribute to the evidence-based development of the obesity care in Sweden and beyond.

Together with Torsten Olbers, Professor of Bariatric Surgery at Linköping University, as well as Ingmar Näslund (MD), and Johan Ottosson (MD), the team is now mapping out the goals and solutions for a successful project. Overall the project takes a highly user-centered and goals-driven approach with a prestudy that includes patient interviews, a review of other quality registries, technology analysis and concept development.

If you want more information about our services in digital/healthcare, please contact the healthcare team at hello@datastory.org to set up a meeting.

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